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Hi, I'm Niki!

I always wanted to own my own business, but never quite believed I would. Until tragedy hit & I decided to bet on myself.


Directly on the heels from maternity leave with Mabel, as Covid-19 started to shut down the US, my mom took her life & my marketing job let me go (Covid budget cuts). Rather than crumble, I took it as a sign to take a chance on my life-long dream: helping others & owning a food-focused business.


Growing up in Northern California then Vermont, my mom, Marian (Mae), cooked heavily plant-based & made treats with hidden health benefits. I thought she was magic- still believe she was. This better-for-you treat focus is one of the inspirations behind my bakery.

The other inspiration is my daughter, Mabel. While breastfeeding her in the early stages, I needed to increase my supply on a limited diet due to her colic, but my search for healthier lactation treats that actually helped & kept me full came up short, so I made my own. They helped so much, I couldn't keep it secret from other mums!

Now, I'm enjoying them regularly while nursing my 2nd baby, Connor. 

Our goal? Treats for all! Whether you’re a nursing mama, gluten intolerant, vegan, or simply on the hunt for delicious better-for-you treats, we have you covered.

Baking for you is truly such a pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity.

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