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Lactation Treats

Treats for breastfeeding & pumping mamas without refined junk, dairy, or gluten! All the milk-boosting & body-fueling ingredients you need for one of the hardest jobs in the world.
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Erika, Charleston

I was struggling with my output in breastfeeding & almost gave up on the whole thing altogether. After visiting her booth & grabbing a lactation cookie I was hooked! Her treats are delicious & boosted my output enough to keep breastfeeding. 

White Fudge Caramel Bars 1000x1000.jpg

Camila, Mt. Pleasant

The lactation treats are ALL amazing. My personal favorite are the White Fudge Caramel Bliss Bars... I have seen a significant increase in difference (at least 1-2 ounces) every time I use them vs not.


Alex, Mt. Pleasant

Personally I struggled with lactation & my
milk supply.... After doing a ton of research I stumbled upon Mabel Maes Magic lactation cookies! After my first batch I could already tell a major difference in my supply, not to mention they are simply DELISH! Seriously there is nothing else on the market that’s not only good for you but actually so delicious.